Provençal Culinary Herbs Gift Set- Herbes de Provence, Salades, Pizza and Poissons

Esprit Provence

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This very cute and delicious dried herb gift set includes 4 individual herb shaker tins. All the herbs are grown in the Provençal region of France.

Our Herbes de Provence are the guaranteed to be of superior quality and 100% Provence origin. In compliance with the specific recipe composed of 27% Rosemary, 27% Savory, 27% Oregano and 19% Thyme, our Herbes de Provence are also certified by Certipaq, ensuring you follow-up from harvest to plate.

Strongly flavored with essential oils and rich in taste, our Herbes de Provence are the perfect seasoning for your kitchen. Harvested under the Sun, climate and Provençal environment, our recipe knows how to capture Provence to convey it to you in the mouth when tasting.


1 x Herbes de Provence 10g

1 x Herbes Salades 5g

1 x Herbes Pizza 10g

1 x Herbes Poissons 15g


Made in France