5 Travel Hacks to Not Getting Stuck in the Queue in Paris

Paris is a very big and very busy city, these small tips may help you to better plan and avoid long queues on and off the road.

1. Visit Paris in July/August when many Parisians are on holidays elsewhere. There will be less congestion on the roads, footpaths and cultural monuments. 

2. Base yourself close to train or Metro. This seems pretty obvious however for little jumps around the city the trains are great and many of the Metro stations are really cute. Probably good to avoid too much night travel by train if by yourself, try a taxi or Uber.

3. Travelling into Paris, avoid traffic on the way in by either travelling between 11am and 3pm or after 8pm. This avoids those very busy peak times.

4. If you are driving, many locals use an App called Ways to determine traffic. This App involves drivers on the road indicating when they are in traffic or an obstruction of some sort and this then gets relayed to other drivers on the route. This works in France and many people participate so you have a good picture of the state of the roads before and during transit.

4. Another traffic one, there is a website called cytadin.fr which tells you the traffic on your route at the time and the quieter times to travel. 

I hope these small things may help you navigate around what is a spectacular and beautiful city during the day and night. We love France at www.petitefrance.com.au


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