French Tin Soaps

Made in Povence, France is our selection of beautiful soaps all enriched with olive oil and shea butter They are presented in delightful tins of various designs and come in many amazing French scents.

More than 200,000 olive trees roam this warm and colorful landscape and allow the city of Nyons to produce for centuries, a soap and a highly reputed oil. Indeed Nyons produces olive oil soaps since 1592. Imagine that here, at the turn of an old mill, rest the remains of a soap factory dating from the early 18th century ... To date no writing and no older remains have been discovered in France. More than 400 years later, we are reviving this sleepy tradition with passion, by registering La Savonnerie de Nyons in the wake of the soap makers of Nyons. We are aware of our responsibilities and we commit every day for french manufacturing and materials respectful of the environment and health.

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