Petite France was born in 2014 ...

… when Jonathan and Celine met it was love at first sight and a beautiful romance started in beautiful Noosa, QLD.
Together we decided to build Petite France to introduce real french traditional luxury products to Australia. Celine, being attached to her french culture and Jonathan wanting to bring into his country the elegance, beauty and pleasure of French living. All of our products are 100% Made in France and follow a traditional savoir-faire that has been around for decades, sometimes centuries.
We were so tired of seeing French looking products, or 'French Style' and misspelt French language on products made cheaply in Asia, we felt there was a huge gap between all of this pretend French and the real thing. Here we offer you the unique quality, beauty and charisma of France in products developed over time, with craftsmanship, using nature and society as a guide.


french parisfrench wine

We love France and the incredible amount of diversity that each region provides, and want to bring some of it to You. 


We hope that you can share our passion and bring a beautiful piece of France to your home.
We are passionate about the history, technique, integrity, quality and care that goes into all of our products.



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