Ever tasted the baguette the French President eats?

Every Year the contest for the best baguette in all of Paris takes place with the baguettes of bakers from the whole of the French capital competing. The Prize for first being  a medal,  $4,000 euros, and becomes a contract to supply the Élysée (The President's residence) for a year.

This has been organized by the city of Paris since 1942. It takes place in the premises of the Professional Chamber of Bakers and Pastry Makers in Île Saint-Louis. The jury is made up of professionals, specialized journalists and six selected Internet users. To compete, "the products must measure between 55 and 65 cm, weigh between 250 and 300 grams and have a salt content of 18 grams per kilogram of flour". The judging criteria are cooking, crumb, taste, smell and appearance. These qualities are noted between 0 and 4. Thirty loaves of bread are thus selected to participate in the final of the competition, which will thus determine the best Parisian baguette of the year.

If you want to try the best baguette of 2018 the winner is about to be announced and we will post it on our instagram page:  https://www.instagram.com/petite_france_/

Before that you can taste the best baguette of 2017 by Sami Bouattour from the Boulangerie Brun 193 Rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris.

Bon Appétit !

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