French Country Style what is it and how do we get some :)

French country style is a style for your home that can be both internal and exterior and is basically indicative of the country homes in France. This could mean a mix of both refined and rustic pieces or styles or partly formal part chic. Often indicated by vintage timbers, muted patterns, distressed paintwork and interesting provencal knick knacks and comfortable casually elegant furnishings.

There are ways to add a bit of French country style to your home. Unfortunately we are not all renovating an ancient chateaux or converting a Provencial barn into a B and B...not yet anyway....hopefully soon though ;) But we can add a little bit of French Country Style to our homes and it's an adaptable style to many styles of home.

In the kitchen we can add a little bit with the addition of some vintage items or even some newly made ones such as a lovely olive wood cutting board, or linen tea towels, or a set of Laguoile cutlery.

In the bathroom we can add of course the beautiful and simplistic Savon de Marseille soaps, or a French soap dish and nail brush made from oak, or maybe a vintage showerhead or some Provencal tiles.

Throughout the house we can add curtains or shutters to windows, source some vintage French pieces and prints, or maybe a Champagne sabre on display.

There are so many beautiful French made gifts and homewares available in Australia, both vintage and new, and its a wonderful journey to collate your home with these pieces. I suggest a little trip to France for research purposes of course. Theres so many regions to explore and so much French Country Style to enjoy.

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