Why French products are better

made in france

Many French products are so good as they have developed over time, utilising hand craftmanship, skills, knowledge and abilities developed over time, years, decades, generations.

Petite France is about finding such products and bringing them over to Australia......There is so much history in the manufacturing industry in France, that makes our products so uniquely better.

For example one of our favourite companies sells wooden jigsaw puzzles, we like it because the products are educational, eco, fun, crafty and arty. Here is a glimpse into the story of this company and how they developed over time into the producing great high quality modern toys for kids.

The puzzle adventure Michèle Wilson begins in 1975 in a small village of Burgundy. In a creative workshop, Michèle Wilson develops passionately original puzzles. With scroll saws, craftsmen cut each piece by hand, giving them different shapes and making them unique. They follow the movement of the hand of each artist and are inspired by the lines of colors for a game adapted to each painting ... The painting is highlighted to bring out all the details! The skies are then cut in the shape of a cloud and the buildings are worked in such a way as to create an impression of relief and perspective. The reconstruction of the puzzle becomes a game for two, where one seeks to foil the traps created by the cutter.

Our wooden puzzles are more difficult than the classic puzzles and especially more interesting.. Adults who rediscover this activity often practiced in childhood appreciate the moment spent in a tête-à-tête with a picture, and the relaxation that this leisure brings. The more passionate put their puzzle in the box to have the pleasure of doing it again later. Lovers of beautiful objects often frame them to surprise their friends. The blade of the saw slips into the lines of the painting and is almost invisible as the puzzle is reassembled!

Puzzles for children

Using puzzles, children develop their sense of observation and fine motor skills by adjusting the room to the right place. The reconstruction of a puzzle requires concentration and patience. It is a complete educational game that develops reasoning, analysis and deduction sense. It also allows the discovery of the detail of a beautiful youth illustration, a painting of a known painter or the learning of geography with the puzzle map of France for example.

A unique know-how for exceptional puzzles ...

From children to parents, each one takes pleasure in the reconstruction of his puzzle, in the discovery of a work, and feels the joy of "finding the right piece". The puzzles Michèle Wilson are 100% made in France and cut by hand according to an original method adapted to each motif. The puzzles are made of poplar wood, respectful of the environment. The know-how of the Puzzle Michèle Wilson was recognized by the award of the label Living Heritage Company.

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