Organic Goats Milk Bar Soap 100g Lait de Chevre

Savonnerie Nyons

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This 100g roundĀ Organic Goat MilkĀ scented soap is enriched with organic shea butter and Nyons olive oil, two ingredients with skin softening and protective properties.Ā It also containsĀ organic goats milk, known for being rich in whey, proteins, and glycoproteins. These components help combat skin aging and acne as well as appease and hydrate the skin. It can be used on all skin types.

This soap is subtly scented with theĀ pleasantĀ fragrance ofĀ rice powderĀ andĀ rose. Enjoy a moment of self-care by using this soap and delight in its delicate and sweet scent.

100% Made in France