Rose de Provence Home Scent Diffuser

Rose de Provence Home Scent Diffuser

Esprit de Provence

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Discover our Aromatic Provençal Rose Bouquet and let the sparkling and pleasant atmosphere of the Provençal gardens enter your home!

In a pretty fluted glass bottle, our aromatic bouquet will blend into your decoration and delicately diffuse its sweet, rose scent into your home. Our scented bouquet contains 14 rattan stems which absorb the perfume by capillary action and subtly diffuse it into the ambient air. Usage time depends on the number of rods used. For light diffusion, use 2 or 3 stems. For a more intense diffusion, insert 6 to 7 stems.

100ml glass bottle


5,4 Ă— 5,4 Ă— 23,5 cm