Handmade Saucepan Brush Tradition by Andree Jardin

Andree Jardin

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The Andree Jardin Big Saucepan Brush will not only look amazing next to your sink, it is an extremely  durable and useful tool.

This saucepan brush crafted with a mixture of rough vegetable fibres which are able to remove the toughest food residue and grease. The fibres are angled perfectly to reach every corner of your pots and pans.

These brushes are all made with locally sourced beech from sustainably managed forests. Everything is produced in small batches, using artisanal techniques learned from founder Georges-René Julio, who started his career in brush-making 100 years ago in Nantes.

  • Made From Beechwood + Natural Fibres
  • 9cm x 9cm Hand
  • Hand made in France

This Heritage Nail Brush is a super practice and durable household tool.

made in france soap